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Crazy, Stupid LOVE

it feels good to be in-love and be loved. but it takes also courage and risk. it brings the hell out of you. in love, you have to take responsibilities. you have to be open to everything and expect more challenges. but always remember, in love, you will not be always happy, you will always get hurt in the end. break-ups, third parties, family issues and worst, death! 

The first time I saw you, my heart beats so fast. Every time we bumped into each other, i felt like i was floating in the air. my day will not be complete if i can’t see you in the hallways. that’s how crazy i am :)) I can still remember the very first time you called my name, it was like heaven! that feeling, “OMG, He knows my name” that you want to shout at the top of your lungs and jump off a building, but you can’t. For me, you’re almost perfect. You have the looks, the attitude, and the brains. You can do everything! You are always true to yourself and confident. that’s why i admire you so much.

I’ve never been so in love like this before. They said, i love too deep, and i think they are right. Once I fall, I can’t stand up. I keep on falling and falling. One question i keep on asking myself, from all of the guys i met, why YOU? Maybe because we’re destined, or maybe, i’m just really stupid for choosing you. I can’t blame myself, neither regret that we became friends i know it have reasons, but my heart keeps on bleeding every time i see you with someone else. I know, I don’t have the right to get hurt, but I can’t hide it. You gave me a lot of reasons to hate you and even a lot more reasons to like you. but i think the situation now is different. i have to stop myself, it is getting serious and WORST. i don’t want to come to the point that i can’t live without you, besides i’m not getting any benefits from it. I’m just hurting myself.

I may be too blind to see the truth that, what i want can’t really happen. It will just remain as a dream but how can i stop myself if every time i got nothing to do and before i sleep, i ALWAYS think of you. Crazy, right? but that’s love. Pure love. I don’t know if you really consider me as one of your friends, yeah, i will get hurt again if i’ll find out that I mean nothing to you. (WHO WILL NOT GET HURT IF YOU’LL FIND OUT THAT THE ONE YOU MOST CARED ABOUT NEVER CARED, RIGHT?!) You might think I’m pathetic with regard to this blog, but this is really what i feel for you. if you just knew how happy i am that we met, after how many years of waiting. 

But it’s over now, I have to move on, I have to stay away from you. It’s the opposite already. Every time I see you online, I want punch you in your face for giving me this feeling. I don’t want to see you anymore or to be with you again, unlike before. I want to escape in this world full of hurts. But I’m still thankful that I met someone like you.

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